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Hair Masks


Treat yourself and get a hair mask, your hair will look rich and full, why not book an appointment today. Call our Hair Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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Have Beautiful Hair Again with our Hair Masking.

For women who colour their hair regularly, you all know the desperation when you are bout a week away from your next appointment. Are those greys are really peeping through and you simply can’t wait to get to the salon to have your hair coloured, But what about the dangers on your hair when you start to colour too often? Well, fear not, there is no need to hide under hats and head scarfs anymore or scrimp on quality doing your own touch ups, you can just make an appointment to try out our masking technique. There is no better feeling than seeing all your grey hair disappear.

It can be expensive trying to maintain your hair colour, especially if you have quick regrowth or grey hairs peeking through. Our professional stylists will get you the results you want without a full hair dye. It will keep you going if you are close to your next appointment or are going to miss your appointment. Either way you won’t have to hide your hair away.

Why choose Hair Masking?

The masking process is where you will have colour applied to only your hairline and parting, covering up any visible roots or grey hairs. This colour will blend in with the existing colour you already have in your hair. The new colour top up will tie you over until your next appointment for full colour and no one will ever notice the difference. This will save you not only money but also from any damage of re-colouring your hair too often.

Masking isn’t just for people who colour their hair. If you have noticed a few grey hairs coming through your natural hair and are not ready to commit to getting your hair coloured permanently just yet, l then masking is also a great solution to hiding your greys. We can match the masking colour to your natural colour and no one will ever know.

If you are not too sure if masking is right for you why not drop in or make an appointment and one of our stylist can go through a consultation with you explaining your options.