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GHD Curls

GHD Curls

Look Amazing for any Party, Event or even a Wedding with GHD Curls by Deirdre, why not book an appointment today with Deirdre. Call our Hair Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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GHD Curls Lucan

This time 14 years ago we had never heard of ghd, but today most females and also some males own at least one ghd product. These game-changing products hailed as, the hair saviour products have now a massive customer base not only in households but in hair salons all over the world. At Deirdre Lawless Salon, our professional stylists love using the ghd.

Everyone knows that the ghd straightener can transform curly, frizzy or wavy hair into beautiful straight and glossy hair, but not only can it straighten your hair, if your hair is already straight and you are looking for something different it can also change your straight hair into luscious curls or beautiful wavy hair. This magic multipurpose hair tool is a real style changer for any kind of hair. It doesn’t matter what length or cut you have on your hair, ghd curls and waves will give you another look for those special occasions.

Short Styles

Is your short hair, crying out for some style? We all know a new hairstyle can make a huge difference to your confidence and mood, but maybe you like your hair short and don’t want to fork out for extensions or other solutions. Why not try a ghd curl or wave in your hair like so many celebs nowadays are doing to change up their short cut style. Break out of the classic bob look add style and definition and rock out your own trend setting look with ghd curls.

Medium to long styles

There are countless looks and styles you can have by using ghd curls or waves. If it is the sophisticated look you are trying to achieve why not try the vintage waves, soft curls or the glamour curls. Or you could just want to change your style for that summer beach look and try the messy beach waves. All of these styles suit medium or long hair and can also be varied to your liking. You can also incorporate any of these curls or waves into up styles for any occasion.

The ghd will work for you and your hair whichever style you chose as its technology will allow us style your hair safely as it only allows the correct temperature to pass through your hair evenly ensuring that your hair looks fantastic but also doesn’t sustain any damage in the process.