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Hair & Beauty Salon in Lucan

Gents Hair Cuts


Look Sharp for a Party, Event or even a big date with a Gents Hair Cut or Hairstyle by Deirdre Lawless, why not book an appointment with Deirdre today. Call our Hair Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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Wash and Cut

Many of you men are spending time in the gym nowadays perfecting their beach bodies, but what about your hairstyle? It says a lot about a man when he takes care of himself and his hair. Getting your hairstyle on point takes something more nowadays that you can’t quite get from a quick short back and sides at the barbers. Many men now own hair care products and styling tools just the same as what women would have. Here at our Hair Salon, we cater for the gents hair cuts as we know their hair needs are just as important as women’s.

No matter what style or trend you are following you can rest assured that our team of hairdressing professionals have got you covered and your hair will be in safe hands. It is worthwhile assessing your current hairstyle to see if it is appropriate for those summer festivals or events. Drop in and visit one of our stylists for a consultation to see how to make a hairstyle work for you.

Children – Boys and girls

Have you recently looked back at old pictures and thought “What were my parents thinking when they got my hair cut like that?” Then don’t do the same to your children. At Deirdre Lawless Hair and Beauty Salon, we will make sure your child’s hair cut will bring out that cute face and we promise we will never use a bowl!!

We can cater for children of all ages, our staff are fully trained to look after and care for your child’s hair as if it was their own hair they were cutting. So why not bring your prince or princess in to have their locks cut by our trained professional staff. You can opt for a dry cut or a wash and cut

Just remember you as the parent are responsible for the decision of what type of hair cut your child has, but it can be really important for a child’s self-confidence and style for them to have an input into the style of his or her hair. Why not enlist one of our stylists for a consultation or maybe just to even be a mediator!