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Cut and Blow Dry


Getting a fabulous Cut and Blow Dry is as easy as booking an appointment today with Deirdre Lawless. Call our Hair Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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Cut and Blow Dry

At Deirdre Lawless Hair and Beauty Salon, we know life can sometimes be less than perfect, but we believe your hair can always be perfect. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can offer you much more than just a cut and blow dry. We listen to what our clients want and also offer a free consultation service before you receive our top quality customer experience.

When your hair starts to feel heavy like it is bringing you down or your split ends are getting in the way, there is no better feeling than freshly cut and blow dried hair. The silky smooth touch and healthy bounce, bringing shine back, not only your hair but your confidence too. Whether you have short or long, straight or curly or even somewhere in between, our cut and blow dry will revive your dull and lifeless hair to its former glory.

You can choose from our team of staff all of whom will treat you with the care and respect both you and your hair deserve. We cater for both female and male clients as not all male cuts are short back and sides nowadays and sometimes needs a stylists touch too.

Why choose us for your Cut and Blow Dry?

Our Modern Hairdressing Salon is spacious, with a bright and airy style ensuring your experience is a memorable one. Take a seat at our wash basins with comfortable seating. The time you spend at the shampoo station is designed to be a relaxing experience as if you were at the spa, so sit back and relax while we lavish your hair with shampoo and deep conditioner from our L’Oreal or Pureology hair products range. These products represent the finest in luxury care for hair, setting new standards in professional hair care.

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to look and feel your best, just make an appointment with our top stylist Deirdre Lawless who was trained by renowned hairdressing champion Frank Hession or choose from one of our other talented stylists. You will receive top class treatment and care, transforming your lovely locks so you will be sure to turn heads. So whether you are looking to refresh your locks or just trim and tame your hair at the Deirdre Lawless hair and beauty salon you will receive our 5 star treatment every time, so will get all the experience of a city centre hair salon but with the convenient location of Lucan.