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Ammonia Free Colour

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Ammonia Free Colour

We all love the endless colour options we can get from hair colour, but there can be drawbacks from constantly colouring our hair. That’s why ammonia free hair colour could be a better option for you.

If you are opting for your first ever hair colour or you are just looking to add some of your natural hair colour to hide those first few grey hairs. Maybe you just want to add some warmth and shine to your hair, then Ammonia free may be the way to go for you.

Unlike other hair colours ammonia free hair colour starts to disappear and fade gradually with shampooing so regrowth isn’t an issue so there will be no need to have touch ups done every four weeks. It leaves your hair feeling light and gives it a beautiful shine. It has a real natural feel to it.


INOA is an ammonia-free hair colour by L’Oreal that has revolutionised the hairdressing industry, it even features ODS (oil delivery system) technology. With 22 patents for a colour that is more beautiful than ever, a colour so intense, vibrant and pure. At Deirdre Lawless Hair and Beauty Salon, we are excited to have the INOA range in the salon, we are excited to be able to offer you the best in hair colour.

The INOA hair colour offers reinforced coverage of grey hairs, 100% coverage that is. It will give your hair six weeks of intense hydration and nutrition. It provides optimised scalp comfort and supreme respect for the hair. This hair colour adds 50% more shine with infinite hair colour power. It can work wonders for clients with very dry or over processed hair who need a new lift on their hair. It will make your hair look and feel amazing.

The oil delivery system uses oil molecules to gently open the hair shaft and absorb the dye. Because the oil is used instead of ammonia the mechanism of delivery is gentle instead of blasting the hair so it will not damage the hair.

There is an additional charge of €10 if you choose to go ahead with INOA ammonia free colour

Why use Ammonia Free Colours during Pregnancy?

It is always advisable to avoid hair colouring in your first trimester, but just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to avoid hair colouring altogether.

Ammonia free hair colour because it is not absorbed directly into your hair is a safer option for pregnant women. This ammonia free colouring can give better results than the everyday chemical-based colours in terms of shine, feel and quality.

Rest assured at Deirdre Lawless Hairdressing Salon, we can colour your hair without you even having to worry about touching the hair colour yourself and your hair will be well rinsed, ensuring there is no colour left on your scalp.

The bottom line for choosing ammonia-free hair colour is that they are safer for your health, hair and your body and leave no side effects or damage. Even if it is that you are just heath conscious or if you allergic to chemical counterparts found in standard hair dyes, these ammonia free hair colours are an option you should try.