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Hair & Beauty Salon in Lucan

Warm Waxing

Feel Great in Your Skin

If you’re looking for a Warm Waxing, well look no further, our professional beauty technicians will make you feel beautiful and have your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Getting a warm wax is as easy as booking an appointment today with Deirdre Lawless. Call our Beauty Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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Luxury Warm Waxing

When it comes to hair removal we have all tried the DIY home creams, shaving or waxing, but you can never come close to the results you get when your waxing done by a professional. At Deirdre Lawless, our trained professionals will take care of your waxing needs from your underarm to the most delicate and intimate areas. We cater for both Men and Women.

Warm Waxing

Waxing is a method of depilation, which means that the entire hair is removed from below the surface of the skin. It is one of the most effective ways of temporary hair removal. There are many different types and techniques when it comes to waxing, but warm waxing does seem to be more effective than most other waxing techniques. It is a very hygienic and give you long lasting results.

When you visit the Salon to have your waxing done with us professionally, you will notice how gentle it feels on your skin and your legs will be much softer than when you have your hair removed by other methods.Even better still is the fact it takes weeks for them bothersome hairs to begin regrowing and overtime regular waxing will make your hair regrowth finer and sparser.

It is such a natural part of life nowadays getting your hair tidied up or removed altogether from your intimate parts for both men and women. It has become a big part in modern body sensibility and not to mention the hygiene side. You can rest assured at Deirdre Lawless Hair and Beauty Salon our professionals are just that, you will be cared for in a hygienic, discreet and professional manner at all times. Ask one of our staff about any problem areas you may have and we can help you with your options.

Patch Test

When you are having your wax done for the first time with us it is our practice that prior to your appointment we will perform a patch test. This test will ensure that you will not have any adverse reactions to the waxing. This test will be carried out 24 hours before your appointment on a small area of your skin and once there is no reaction will can then proceed with your full appointment.