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Get Defined Eyebrows & Long Eyelashes

We all need some eye care from time to time so if your thinking of getting your Eyebrows Tinted and Shaped or your Eyelashes Extended in Lucan, why not get it done by the experts. It’s as easy as booking an appointment today with Deirdre Lawless. Call our Beauty Salon in Lucan on 016217887.

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Eye Care

Keep your eyelashes and eyebrows looking stunning with one of our great eye care procedures. At Deirdre Lawless Beauty Salon we have you covered from top to toe when it comes to hair and beauty. We have a range of eye care procedures that our trained beauty professionals can carry out for you to make sure you are looking your best always.


Eyebrow tint and shape

Not every girl is born with naturally sculpted brows in fact, most women need some help to achieve this look, but with just a small amount of time and effort we can make your brows a feature that will enhance your face.

When it comes to brow tinting and shaping our professionals will leave you with beautifully sculpted eyebrows that will frame your face and add to your overall look. If you are not sure on what shape would suit you best then don’t worry! We can help you achieve the perfect look for you.

Eyelash extensions

You can throw out your eyelash curler and say goodbye to runny mascara because eyelash extensions are the way of the future.

Imagine waking up every morning with gorgeous eyelashes. Shouldn’t every girl be able to. Why not give your eyes a makeover and transform them with glossy, thick polished lashes. Get yourself some natural looking and glamorous lashes here at Deirdre Lawless Beauticians. Our professional beauty therapist can transform your look with lashes that look and feel so natural.

Although it is only a relatively new technique, there has been an explosion in the popularity of eyelash extensions worldwide. They come in a variety of lengths and thickness’s and replicate human eyelashes perfectly, giving you beautiful eyelashes everyday.

Semi permanent lashes

Lasting 2-3 weeks they are applied individually to your to each of your own lashes. It is a relaxing and pain-free experience.

Occasional lashes

Lasting about 2-3 days these cluster lashes consist of groups of about 5-8 lashes knotted together. They are applied either to the skin in between your own natural lashes or on top of your existing lashes

Call in or make an appointment with one of our beauty team today, they will be more than happy to discuss our eye care products with you.